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A standard Pipe Strap is recommended for supporting a piping system with fittings vertically or horizontally to walls or ceilings. It can be used as a restrainer when installed on top of structural wood beams for beam, for limiting pipe movements due to thrust loads during sprinkler system start-up.


A Standard Pipe Strap consists of a piece of mild steel shaped to hold the pipe down to walls or ceilings.


Mild Steel: Also other materials can be provided on request.


Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL)


 343° C (650°F )


Electro-Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Epoxy, Plain.

PRODUCT CODENOMINAL PAGE SIZE PIPE OD Hanger Dimension(mm) Bolt SizeMax Load
In.mm(mm)Overall dimensiondistance Between two bolt
KS-US 0.5½"DN 1521.37651M8500
KS-US 0.75¾"DN 2026.78257M8500
KS-US 1.251"DN 2533.48964M8500
KS-US 1.251 ¼"DN 3242.19671M8500
KS-US 151 ½"DN 4048.210277M8500
KS-US 54-5410883M8500
KS-US 22"DN 5060.311489M8500
KS-US 67-6712196M8500
KS-US 2.52 ½"DN 6573145113M8600
KS-US 82-82152120M8600
KS-US 33"DN 8088.9160128M8600
KS-US 3.53 ½"DN 90101.6170138M8600
KS-US 108-108178146M8600
KS-US 44"DN 100114.3185153M8600
KS-US 126-126196164M8600
KS-US 55"DN 125141.3210178M10600
KS-US 148-148218186M10600
KS-US 155-155225193M10600
KS-US 66"DN 150168.3237205M10600
KS-US 179-179249217M10600
KS-US 190-190260228M10800
KS-US 205-205275243M10800
KS-US 88"DN 200219.1289257M10800
KS-US 230-230300268M10800
KS-US 241-241332291M121250
KS-US 263-263354313M121250
KS-US 1010"DN 250273364323M181250
KS-US 295-295386345M181250
KS-US 1212"DN 300323.8417376M181250
KS-US 1414"DN 350355.6447409M181800
KS-US 374-374465427M181800
KS-US 1616"DN 400406.4497459M181800
KS-US 432-432523485M181800
KS-US 1818"DN 450457.2547509M181800
KS-US 482-482573535M181800
KS-US 2020"DN 500508.2599561M181800
KS-US 533-533624586M181800
KS-US 559-559650612M181800
KS-US 583-583674636M181800
KS-US 2424"DN 600609.6701663M181800
KS-US 658-658766721M182300
KS-US 690-690798753M182300
KS-US 760-760868823M182300
KS-US 863-863971926M182300
KS-US 918-9181026981M182300

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